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The Peruvian Inca Orchid, a sight hound, was added to the AKC miscellaneous category last year. This interesting dog comes in three sizes: Small, 8.5 to 17.5 pounds; Medium, 17.5 to 26.5 pounds; and large, 26.5 to 55 pounds. The Peruvian Inca Orchid is know for the absence of hair all over the body. However […]

How’s this for a guarantee? West Paw, a maker of a tough dog toy made out of what they Zogoflex,  specifically made for aggressive chewers,  will send you a replacement if your dog somehow manages to destroy one. According to their website they have several varities of toys for different types of dogs. For aggressive chewing […]

Let’s face it, photos of baby animals are the photos that most people are attracted to. We send them via email, we share them via social networks. They receive the oohs, and the “how cute.” Photos of elderly animals rarely get that reaction. It could be that they aren’t deemed cute anymore, or it could […]

Dogs in Windows

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28 Dec 2011

I was just out on my lunch hour, driving along, when I saw a small dog perched on top of a sofa, looking out over his yard. It would have been a cute photo. That’s inspired me to scour Flikr to find awesome shots of dogs in windows. Enjoy.

I Love this Photo

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20 Dec 2011

Great pic of a dog being a dog in the snow. Thank you to FreeKibble for the pic. Merry Christmas everyone!

Meet Harbor a Coonhound from Colorado. He has the longest ears in the world at 12 and 13 inches. According to the Guinness Book of World Records that’s tops. Congrats Harbor and his owner!

A dog is truly a man and woman’s best friend. Over the last few thousand years dogs have helped humans hunt, protect, catch bad guys, provide companionship and shower their owners with unconditional love, to name a few. And in recent decades, dogs have proven to be integral parts of police and fire departments, working […]

Puppy Wars

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31 Aug 2011

Puppy War is a knock off of those hot or not websites. In case you don’t know what hot or not websites are, they are used by men and women who need to know if they’re hot or not. They upload their photo, and site viewers judge their level of attractiveness compared to another uploader. […]

Leave it to the geeks to come up with a dog toy that resembles DNA. The funny part of the story is how ThinkGeek came up with the toy. It seems an apartment complex required dog owners to submit a sample of their dog’s DNA as part of their leasing agreement. Why? So that […]

Great tips on making your kitchen as pet friendly as possible. From hiding kitchen tools to preventing your dog from getting into the garbage.