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I love this idea: Keep coat hooks near your door just for your dogs leash(es) and collars. We do this at home and it makes it easy to put their harness and leashes on right before we head out the door. The dog tail hooks are from Ikea. Unfortunately they can’t be bought online. You […]

I thought that Dr. Harvey’s natural food products looked interesting when I found them on Twitter. They make all natural, whole foods and products like grooming supplies. All made in the USA. It looks as if their dog food is freeze dried, to which you add water and protein of your choice. You can check […]

Wag Lifetime Joint Care Chewable Supplement For Dogs is a fairly new supplement that contains four branded and patented ingredients: NEM®, Microminzyme(TM), BCM-95®, and BosPure®, which have been clinically proven to be five times more effective than glucosamine and chondroitin, which a lot of dog owners give their dogs for joint care. According to the […]

I’ve had my dogs insured for a long time. I actually can’t see not having it, as vet bills can be a real drain on your money, and possibly your savings. I’ve used it for everything for vaccinations to emergency care, and it has really helped out. But not all pet insurance is the same. […]

The makers of Tagg–The Pet Tracker want you find your lost pets easier. For $99 you get a GPS device which attaches to your dog’s collar. Then when he or she runs away, you receive a notification that your pooch has wandered off. Then simply get on your computer, or smart phone and use the […]

Buying dog treats for our dogs is easy. Just as buying a box of chocolate chip cookies is a lot easier than baking them ourselves. But going that extra mile is worth it, well maybe not if you burn the cookies, but still. A lot of dog owners would take a jab at making dog […]

NOse Offense

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16 Nov 2011

I received a bottle of NOse Offense odor fighter in the mail a couple of weeks ago. It promises to eliminate odor, instead of just covering the smell up. The product itself is supposed to be odorless, so basically, no smelly floral scents or otherwise smelling your home up. And boy, does it do the […]

Although it’s been around a while, I just heard of the thundershirt, which is supposed to keep your dog calm during thunderstorms, loud noises and help with separation anxiety. The concept behind the Thundershirt, is that Thundershirt exerts gentle pressure which works to calm a dog. It is believed that pressure has a calming effect […]

Even if your dog isn’t very menacing or tough, this skull and bones dog tag may give him the attitude he needs. This handmade, menacing dog tag has 3 layers of metal (copper, nickel and silver.) Which are soldered and riveted together for a heavy duty tag. The dog tag can fit a name up […]

Have you ever wondered what breeds your lovable mutt is made up of? I mean, sometimes it can be pretty obvious, or maybe you already know. But what if your dog just looks like a plain old dog? Well if you’re interested you can now get a DNA test on your mixed breed dog to […]